June 17, 2021

Dollar Models Motherhood – Atlanta Jewish Times

Dr. Allen Dollar, chief of cardiology at Grady Memorial Hospital, explains why wife Shelly defines motherhood. “If anyone was born to ‘be something,’ Shelly was born to be a mother. Her patience, tolerance, boundless love and wholly unselfish nature has made her not only the ideal mother in general, but specifically the ideal mother for a daughter with extensive needs. The symbiosis between Shelly and Gabby is an inspiration, and the magic that has allowed Gabby to flourish.”

Gabby, now 31, came into the Dollar household at age 4 with cerebral palsy, and is wheelchair dependent, non-verbal and suffers from extreme anxiety. She is affected in every part of her body.

Shelly recalls that her own parents struggled for most of her childhood with a father who had multiple sclerosis. By the time Shelly was a preteen, he was wheelchair dependent. “Challenge was a…

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