June 19, 2021

Dominic Joshua’s ‘hedge fund’ paid out 30% monthly returns. Then the scam unravelled

Dominic Ngene Joshua, founder of Brisk Capital and self-styled “Investment Maestro” | Image source: @dominicjoshua_ on Instagram

He claimed to be investing in real estate, forex and Chanel. There was no proof.

In December 2020, Michelle Adigun* transferred ₦300,000 to Brisk Capital, an investment firm she discovered on Instagram. The firm promised to pay her 30% of that capital for three consecutive months. 

The promise was fulfilled. The last 30% was paid alongside her initial capital. Thrilled by this, Adigun more than doubled her commitment to ₦700,000 on March 2, 2021. Same monthly promise as above. No questions asked.

But on the 2nd of April when she was to receive the first payment, Adigun did not. “This is when trouble suddenly started,” she says to TechCabal.

That payment arrived two weeks later after Adigun repeatedly pressured…

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