November 17, 2021
General News

Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly coming to Florida for ‘History Tour’

Former President Donald Trump will be making two stops in Florida as part of “The History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly.

In December, the pair will hold speaking engagements in Sunrise and Orlando before traveling to Texas for the trip’s two other scheduled events.

“My tour with Bill O’Reilly is getting a lot of attention, and I’m looking forward to it,” Trump said in a statement Saturday. “Maybe tickets would make a great Father’s Day gift? In any event, I’ll see you then, and much sooner!”

Organizers had previously announced the tour, but the former President had not issued his own statement highlighting the event.

“I will be focusing on greatness for our Country, something seldom discussed in political dialogue,” Trump said in the organizer’s announcement earlier this month. “If we don’t make our Country great again, we will soon no longer have a…

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