August 2, 2021

Don’t Buy It: Scammers Pose Empty Threats to Cut Electricity | News

After The Malibu Times recently wrote about gift card scams, some Malibu locals have been discussing other scams widely perpetrated—many using the cover of Southern California Edison (SCE).

There are a few different tricks thieves are using while posing as SCE, according to Edison spokesperson Ron Gales.

“The most common phone scam we hear about is people calling claiming to be from SCE and claiming you’re going to be disconnected within the hour,” Gales said. “[Scammers say,] ‘There’s a truck already on its way. You need to pay right away using a credit card or gift card.’

“The very first thing people should know is there is a disconnection moratorium right now,” he continued. “It goes through Sept. 30. If anyone calls saying…

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