June 19, 2021

Don’t click! Microsoft Outlook users warned about dangerous new scam

Microsoft has issued a warning about a new email scam that Microsoft Outlook users need to be aware of. Outlined in a blog post published online, the latest Microsoft Outlook email threat is a scam surrounding gift cards. Bad actors are specifically targeting organisations with what is known as a business email compromise (BEC) attack.

As the Redmond-based tech giant explained, the scam emails are being sent to people working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The message is sent allegedly from a target’s boss to their assistant and is coming from an account that – at first glance – may look like it’s being sent from an organisation’s official domain name.

Some 120 fake domains were created to spread the scam, however, the giveaway is these domain names contain typos in them. The scam message claims that a target and everyone on their team is being asked to purchase gift cards to…

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