September 24, 2021

Don’t forget to say thank you

This week we read the Torah portion of Ki Tavo. The beginning of the portion begins with the commandment to bring the first fruits. Imagine the farmer who has toiled and toiled and finally sees the reward of the hard work, only instead of enjoying it by eating, he must bring it to Jerusalem, and make a declaration thanking the Lord for both the land and all the good that has been received.

Rabbi Berel Wein writes, “Saying thank you is one of the basic courtesies of human interaction. Though elementary and straightforward, it is often forgotten or neglected. In saying thank you, we are acknowledging that we are dependent upon the goodness and consideration of others and that we are not completely in control over events and even of our own decisions in life.”

Too often we perceive our great achievements as a testament to our greatness and fall prey to “And you may say…

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