June 17, 2021
Real Estate

Downtown urban oasis listed for $2.3 million

LAKELAND —  Lakeland resident Patricia Landreth spent more than two years turning a once neglected downtown landmark into her “mini-Manhattan” dream home. Now, it’s back on market. 

The Raymondo Building at 115 N. Kentucky Ave., is listed for sale at $2.3 million. Landreth, 61, said she’s put it on the market to see if it will fetch a price that will allow her to retire earlier and spend more time with her partner, Melissa. 

“Only if the price is right it, then it’s worth it to go. If not, then we’ll stay,” she said. “The real estate market is hot and this is absolutely unique property downtown.”  

Lakeland resident Patricia Landreth's apartment features a Coca-Cola and Bull Durham wall painting original to the building and a table made of hemlock.

Built in 1904, the building was once home to the nonprofit Arts on the Park, serving as a gallery displaying works of local artists for roughly 25 years. 

The nonprofit organization lacked the funds to properly maintain the old building and listed it for sale in July 2013….

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