July 28, 2021

Dubai: Phone scammers secure Dh160,000 bank loan after tricking woman

Two men will now stand trial for impersonating bank employees.

Two men pretended to be bank employees and defrauded a woman, following which they managed to get a loan of Dh160,000 in her name.

The Dubai Public Prosecution said on Monday that the two men have been referred to the Misdemeanour court to stand trial.

The defendants had called the complainant, claiming to be bank representatives. They asked her to update her personal details so that her ‘banking services’ are not affected.

Falling for their scam, the woman divulged her banking details, including a one-time password.

The defendants then secured a loan of Dh160,000 in her name and transferred the amount to two bank accounts.

The police often issue advisories to residents to be vigilant and avoid sharing bank account details.

Residents have, in the past, been advised to not share confidential bank information, including bank account or credit card details,…

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