August 2, 2021

East Brunswick Police Warn Residents Of Online Sale Scam

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ — The East Brunswick Police Department has asked residents to remain cautious against online sale scams.

This is how it works — A seller advertises an item for sale on Craigslist, Facebook, or other similar classified advertisement portals and they are contacted by a potential buyer who sends them a check or money order(s) totaling more than the sale price.

“The checks or money orders that the scammer sends you are counterfeit,” said police. “They will instruct you to deposit the item(s) and wire a portion of the over-payment to another individual.”

Scammers give sellers a reason for this – sometimes saying it’s an overpayment, or sometimes indicating it was a mistake, said police. If sellers deposit the check and wire the funds, the check may take at least three business days to be returned as counterfeit. And by that time, most unsuspecting sellers have…

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