October 20, 2021
General News

‘Eco-feminist’ shocks French politics in bid for Greens’ presidency | World news

Her radical “punk ecology” has won support among activists on the left and been attacked by the far right as dangerous to the French nation. But Sandrine Rousseau, a figurehead of the #MeToo movement against sexual violence and a self-described “eco-feminist,” has shocked the political class by reaching the final round of the Greens’ primary race to choose a presidential candidate.

Now, with a chance of running for president , Rousseau is warning France risks a descent into hatred and racism unless equality and the environment take priority in April’s election race.

“I think we’re at a crossroads of civilisations,” Rousseau said. She said either France was heading to the side of the far-right ideologue and TV pundit Eric Zemmour, who is preparing a potential presidential bid based on anti-immigration, and far right leader Marine Le Pen, “which would mean closing in…

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