November 17, 2021

Economic Opus: Interlochen’s Ripple Effect On Northern Michigan’s Economy

You’re likely familiar with Interlochen Center for the Arts’ summer camp, live concerts, and alumni list that includes more than its fair share of superstars. But what sort of impact does the world-renowned arts organization have on the broader northern Michigan economy?  An internal Interlochen study from 2017 noted that $8.9 million was paid to vendors in the Grand Traverse region in a single year alone, and that in a five-year period, Interlochen spent a total of $13.3 million on construction projects, with local businesses as the primary beneficiaries. Some 700 local purveyors sell to Interlochen each year, including the likes of Tom’s Food Market, Grand Traverse Pie Company, and D&W Mechanical. But its reach extends even beyond just those companies into the greater community.

It all starts with the students: According to Simone Silverbush, director of media relations…

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