November 17, 2021

[EDITORIAL] Jobseekers And Recruitment Scam

The unemployment situation in Nigeria has continued to be a source of concern not just to the jobseekers, their parents and guardians but also economic planners as well as security analysts who insist that it is a major input with regard to the security challenges besetting the country.  On a regular basis, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) continues to churn out reports on the matter. One of such reports in March this year indicated that unemployment had surged to the second highest on the global list.

It is estimated, conservatively, that at least 25 million Nigerians are unemployed. Ordinarily, this should worry all right thinking Nigerians except those who see it as an opportunity to be unscrupulous. This group of persons has taken it upon themselves to inflict more pain on the desperate jobseekers.

These unscrupulous persons pretend to be legitimate employers…

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