June 22, 2021
General News

EDITORIAL: War dead beg a few moments of our time this weekend | Editorial

The list goes on and on, including Russia’s ambitions, but two points are clear: First, geopolitics is an extraordinarily complicated sphere, defying any bumper-sticker mentality. It involves unappreciated and overlooked dynamics in religion, culture, history and politics that we may not initially grasp from our armchair. Second, if we truly respect those serving in our armed forces, if we take seriously lives lost overseas battling on behalf of what may or may not be U.S. interests, then all would be better served if we spent more time questioning and scrutinizing U.S. interests and learning more about the world so we can raise legitimate concerns when our leaders ponder committing troops to hostile environments.

And unlike some past wars, we might better demonstrate homefront patriotism if and when warfare erupts by looking past those showy, look-at-me “Support our troops”…

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