June 23, 2021
Real Estate

Effects of the housing boom, appliance shortages, rate forecast

The big trend to watch these days is how insane the housing market has become. Stiff competition means high prices and fast-paced sales. Here’s how Bankrate broke it down this week.

a person sitting on a hard wood floor next to a window: Woman looking at paint samples in empty room

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Woman looking at paint samples in empty room

1. Why is the market on fire?

That really is the question of the day. Especially early in the pandemic, many experts predicted people would stay put and real estate would see a slump. Instead, moving demand spiked in the last year, driven in part by changing homebuyer needs and low mortgage rates. Limited housing supply and sluggish construction are compounding those trends to push prices up.


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2. Why this boom may not lead to a bust

The last time the market was this frenzied, the housing bubble burst and America entered the Great Recession. Fortunately for everyone, we’re…

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