November 17, 2021
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EU ‘incapable of becoming geopolitical power’ as bloc struggles post-Brexit | World | News

EU ‘chosen’ not to take on geopolitical role claims Friedman

The fall of Kabul and the chaotic international evacuation efforts, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has argued, proves that Europe needs to develop its own military capacity independent of the US. On Friday, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that without the protection of the 6,000 US troops deployed at the airport, European operations may have to cease. While the EU has moved to push its diplomatic efforts in the region, it has liittle to no ability to directly affect change.

As events unfolded in Kabul, the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, who hosts EU leaders’ summits, tweeted: “The situation in Afghanistan is not a success story for the international community.

“We have to analyse how the EU can further deploy capabilities and positively influence international relations to defend…

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