November 14, 2021
General News

EU Left ‘Attacking Hungary in a Contemptible Manner’

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday slammed the “European left led by the German left” for “once again attacking Hungary in a contemptible manner. This time it is for our country’s refusal to sign a politically inconsequential and frivolous joint declaration on Hong Kong,” Orbán said in a document called Samisdat 9.

“Hungary’s position is that there must be an end to the preoccupation in Brussels with concocting and flaunting declarations,” Orbán said.

He added, “We understand if – for domestic, internal political reasons – a Member State wants to present a piece of paper bearing the EU logo. But there is a limit to this. In recent years this common foreign policy approach, motivated by domestic political considerations, has led to the European Union’s…

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