October 19, 2021

European business group says China power cuts poorly communicated

By Josh Horwitz

SHANGHAI, Oct 13 (Reuters) – China’s power shortages will likely force some European companies operating there to delay orders and some firms are unhappy about how authorities notify them about power cuts, a European business group said on Wednesday.

“Many members think they have to delay their orders, their customers are unhappy, so it affects their normal business, and maybe some customers will cancel their orders,” Klaus Zenkel, vice president and chair of South China at the European Chamber of Commerce told reporters at a media briefing.

Other member companies have complained that factories often get notice from local governments of power shutdowns on the day itself, which limits manufacturers’ ability to plan for them, said Bernhard Weber, vice-chair of the European Chamber’s Nanjing chapter.

“Companies are notified in the middle of the night via SMS that power cuts…

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