September 19, 2021
General News

Even with terrorism in Afghanistan, China remains the greater threat

The tragic, poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan is a major setback for U.S. aims in the region and for America’s position in the world. The terrorist attack on Thursday at the Kabul airport and the Taliban’s full control of Afghanistan introduce the risk of attacks on the U.S. homeland, as well as U.S. interests in the region and U.S. allies. As we saw with ISIS-K claiming responsibility for the Kabul blast, these attacks will be conducted by terror groups such as ISIS, al Qaeda and others, all of whom will be sustained in the fertile soil of Afghanistan under the Taliban. This deleterious development requires serious U.S. response.  

Yet, as injurious and significant as these dangers are, perhaps the greatest danger present in the withdrawal from Afghanistan is that the U.S. will lose its strategic focus on peer competitive threats, as it did after the Cold War’s end…

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