November 15, 2021

ExO Economy Set To Present Its Token On Uniswap, Aiming to Tokenize Global Economy

SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ExO Economy project has announced that it is preparing to list the platform’s native EXOS token on Uniswap. The announcement of the listing comes as the project gains traction and attracts interest from the broader crypto market community and investors.

The listing of the EXOS token is slated for early Q3 of 2021, which would allow the ExO Economy project to gain access to larger volumes of trading and liquidity. ExO Economy is a decentralized ecosystem created by OpenExO, a global transformation platform with more than 7,800 coaches, investors, and innovation specialists helping organizations and people seeking to unlock abundance and change the world for the better. The platform offers users a certification process, financial operations and marketing support, business development, and process automation based on an exponential mindset,…

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