November 17, 2021

Experts argue that minor volcanic eruptions can “cascade” to global catastrophes

Credit: PIXTA / CC0 public domain

Today, many ideas about the risks posed by volcanoes follow simple equations. The greater the likelihood of an eruption, the worse it will be for social and human well-being.

However, while a team of experts is now over-focusing on the risk of large but rare volcanic eruptions, little attention is paid to the potential domino effects of moderate eruptions on major parts of the planet. Claims not to be paid.

Researchers led by the University of Cambridge Center for Existence Risk Research (CSER) have relatively small clusters active volcano If paralyzed, sit side by side with critical infrastructure that can have catastrophic global consequences.

These regions include Taiwan, North Africa, the North Atlantic, and the Northwestern United States volcanic groups.The report was published in the journal today Nature Communications..

“Even a…

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