November 16, 2021

Explainer: Iran hardliners set to retain hold on economy, foreign policy after vote

DUBAI, June 16 (Reuters) – An expected win for a hardliner in Iran’s presidential election on Friday is unlikely to slow its bid to revive a nuclear deal and break free of sanctions, with ruling clerics aware their political fortunes rely on tackling worsening economic hardship.

Victory for a security hawk such as Ebrahim Raisi would allow the new government to claim credit for any economic benefits arising from the revival of the 2015 nuclear accord, something the outgoing administration may agree in coming weeks.

A revived pact would likely see a lifting of tough U.S. curbs that have slashed vital oil exports, with fresh revenues starting to flow early in a new government’s term.

At the same time, a deeply anti-Western government might be reluctant to dial back Iran’s regional rivalry with U.S.-allied Gulf Arab states, unless ordered to do so by the country’s top authority,…

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