November 15, 2021

‘Fake call centre’ scams spread web in Delhi-NCR

New Delhi/Gurugram: Back in 2016, when the world was talking about the massive ‘Thane call centre scam’ in which an organised gang of crooks posing as American Internal Revenue Service officials had defrauded over 15,000 Americans of over 2,040 crore over two years, people in Delhi-NCR had only started waking up to this new threat.

At that time, similar scammers in the capital and around it ran fake call centres to dupe gullible people by promising lucrative jobs or lottery sweepstakes. But when the true extent of the Thane scam became known, especially after the extradition from Dubai and later arrest of the 24-year-old mastermind, Sagar Thakkar alias Shaggy, by Mumbai Police, crooks here had a unique crime model to learn from.

The stakes were very high. Thakkar had accumulated a lot of wealth in a very short time and others wanted to be like him, said senior Delhi and…

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