September 28, 2021

Farmers markets as gathering places – Red Bluff Daily News

Your front porch. The well-worn bench outside the general store. Those twirly old stools at your favorite diner  The local’s booth at the coffee shop. A mail sorting table at the post office.

Traditionally, these are some old-school meeting spots to share news, catch the scuttlebutt of your neighbors’ comings ‘n goings and catch up on life. Especially now, community is more important than ever, as we are all emerging from quarantine and people are seeking re-connection in the real world and eagerly returning to their favorite gathering spots and watering holes.

We are fortunate in Tehama County to have four such places with our farmers markets in Corning, Lake California and two in Red Bluff. They may be fleeting, like the magical town in the musical, “Brigadoon,” which makes the time they’re around that much sweeter.

Markets serve an important role where residents chat…

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