November 15, 2021

FBI warns about online scams during Cybersecurity Awareness Month » Scammer News

PORTLAND, Ore. — October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the FBI is cautioning people about online scams.

Gabriel Gundersen is an FBI agent in Oregon. He said he has seen people lose millions of dollars and anyone who uses the internet is at risk. Ransomware attacks will demand cryptocurrency, or digital money like Bitcoin. Gunderson said online shopping scams are a problem as well, especially during the holidays. People will often purchase items online and receive something very different than what they paid for. 

The FBI sees a lot of extortion as well, which can come in the form of an email. The scammer will ask for money and threaten to release compromising videos or photos. Scams can also come from links and attachments in email, so people need to be careful about what they click on.

“Protecting those accounts that are most impactful for you from a shopping perspective and finance perspective,” Gunderson said….

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