July 31, 2021

Federal unemployment boost is reinstated for some Indiana residents

Earlier in 2021, the coronavirus outbreak wrought serious havoc on the U.S. economy. Millions of people were out of work, and with extremely limited vaccine availability, getting back into the labor force was, frankly, a dangerous prospect. Plus, many states’ pandemic-related restrictions prevented businesses from opening in full.

When vaccines became more readily available, restrictions and mask mandates were largely lifted in an effort to reopen the economy. A lot of jobs were added in May and June. And while the national unemployment rate is still higher than before the pandemic, it’s lower than it was earlier in 2021. Despite vast economic improvement, the $300 weekly unemployment boost approved in March is set to continue through early September. Many states are ending that boost ahead of schedule, on the premise that boosted benefits are keeping people out of the workforce.

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