Selitetty: Covid-19-tapaukset ovat nousussa, samoin kuin markkinat. Mitä tapahtuu?

Equity investments have started the year strongly in spite of concerns over the Omicron spike that has once again led to restrictions on mobility, hit contact-intensive services, and threatened to slow the pace of economic recovery.

The third wave, which saw nearly 2.5 lakh infections in the country on Wednesday, has coincided with the decision of the US Federal Reserve to hasten the withdrawal of the stimulus, and indications that interest rates may increase sooner than expected. But these factors, along with rising domestic retail inflation, have not deterred Indian stock markets.

How much has the market gained?

The benchmark Sensex at the BSE moved in a narrow range in the last month of the last calendar, and closed at 58,253 on December 31. Over the nine trading sessions this calendar, the index has risen by 2,982 points or 5.1% — on Thursday, it closed at its highest level…

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