Grassley: Voimme kitkeä verohuijaukset rikkomatta pankkia | Uutiset, Urheilu, Työpaikat

Senaattori Chuck Grassley



The Biden administration’s rationale for such a sweeping IRS spending plan needs an audit of its own.

By Chuck Grassley

A recent Register editorial backed President Joe Biden’s plan to throw an additional $80 billion in taxpayer money back at the IRS to recoup unpaid taxes. These pages said I “should be leading the charge to ensure tax scofflaws are pursued.” The Register failed to recognize that I’ve been leading this charge for years.

As a taxpayer katselladog and longtime member of the Senate’s tax-writing Finance Committee, here are just some of the ways I’ve worked to hold tax cheats accountable — without spending excess billions in the process:

Private Debt Collection Program: I championed the effort in 2015 to create public/private partnership, which uses independent contractors…

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