SF:n 3 suurinta ylitarjousta tapahtuivat kaikki yhdessä postinumerossa

2021 was a year of bitter bidding wars in the U.S., and the competition was even more intense in San Francisco, where a stunning 72.9% of homes sold above listing price. The top three overbid properties of last year all share two surprising thing in common: Each of these sales almost doubled the original asking price of the listing, and they are all in the same neighborhood. 

Why was overbidding so common in 2021? Herman Chan, broker and agent with Sotheby’s International Realty told SFGATE that “the start of 2021 sent the San Francisco single-family home market into utter overdrive. New year. New president. New vaccine. Everyone who waited on sidelines during 2020 dove back in. Buyers [whose priorities had been changed by the pandemic] are still clamoring for property with more size for the work-from-home life (home office/home gyms) and outdoor space.”


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