October 20, 2021

Film maker with a social cognizance » Scammer News

Rohit R Gaba is not just a renowned film maker but a family man and a socially awakened individual trying to reflect the evils in the society through his films. He has been trying to show the odd practices and scams that affect the common people through his films. He believes in amplifying simple messages that are overlooked in day to day life,  he believes in the power of truth. 

Today Rohit’s online family is 2.3 million strong and it seems to be growing stronger every day! Rohit fell in love with filmmaking in the year 2006,  when he was shortlisted to assist the renowned director Subhash Ghai for the film ‘ Black and White’. Further in 2007, Rohit went on to assist Danny Boyle in the Oscar winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Apart from this in 2011, Rohit started his own media house called Purani Dili Talkies (PDT) with his best friend and co-founder Nijo Jonson. Together they have created viral films like-…

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