November 17, 2021
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Five Problems ‘Outriders’ Needs To Fix Besides Gear Restoration

Outriders has currently occupied itself with trying to restore lost gear to a bunch of players who had their inventories wiped, but they’ve also released a large patch in the interim that…ultimately doesn’t feel like it’s changed all that much.

And in some cases, it’s made the game worse.

There are many problems facing Outriders right now, but if it wants to stop bleeding players, here are the five it needs to address ASAP other than restoring people’s lost gear, which is an obvious one.

1. Fix Whatever Is Going On With Survivability

Something happed as of last patch where survivability for most classes, mainly all of them except Devastator maybe, has dropped off a cliff. Sure, part of it is the fixing of the Emergency Stance Golem bug, but a huge number of defensive mods just don’t seem to work at all, nor does damage mitigation or resistance and many circumstances. Then there are weird things where you will have to like unequip and re-equipping gear to “fix” lost stats from time to time. In short, it’s just a mess, and whether the game needs bug fixes for mods and stats or just a blanket buff, that’s where we are.

2. Nerf The Worst Enemies

Take your pick here, but something has to be done about Strix auto-targeting poison rounds and absurd one-shot melees, Alpha Perforo unavoidable jump spam, 4x Crawlers stacking unpredictable anomaly AOE moves, invisible Brood Mother ground fire and one shot melee abilities. Probably more than that, but those immediately jump to mind, and the only enemy nerf we’ve gotten so far is “more time to dodge sniper shots” which used to be effectively instant.

3. Buff Underused Perks And Guns And Skills

I call this the “Borderlands School of Balance” where you just go down the list of the guns and perks people use the least, and keep buffing them until they’re viable. Only a tiny handful of guns and perks and skills are really used right now in endgame builds, and that should change. There have been exactly zero buffs to anything on the player side since launch, only nerfs to popular or bugged builds. That isn’t how a PvE only game should be balanced and players are tired of being knocked down through all nerfs and no buffs.

4. Increase The Legendary Drop Rate Everywhere

The only places to reliably get legendaries in Outriders are 1) 10 mission chains in the campaign where they will drop 8 under max power 2) CT14-15 where the drop rate finally might give you some at a reasonable pace. Almost all looters make this mistake at launch, being way, way too stingy with legendary drops, and it’s wild that I never, ever have seen a single legendary drop from an actual enemy I killed in the game. Not ONCE since the playtest. That’s just nuts. It should be increased in both the campaign and in lower CT levels. At the same time, legendaries need to have random, not fixed stat rolls so they are more valuable and interesting to farm in the first place.

5. Fix Endgame Matchmaking

Here’s a recap of a session where I was trying to find a group for Expeditions:

  • Cannot connect to party
  • Cannot connect to party
  • Cannot connect to party
  • Guy standing at vendor at camp
  • Cannot connect to party
  • Guy standing at crafting station
  • Cannot Connect to party
  • Kicked for being a Devastator
  • CT13 run when I wanted to do a CT14

That’s the process for trying to get into one successful expedition, and it wasn’t even the one I wanted. They did not change default session setting to closed like they said they did in the patch notes, so you are still getting matched with tons of AFK people, and the entire system makes just finding a game more than half the battle.

Keep working, game needs it.

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