November 17, 2021

Florida neighbors try to save senior woman from sweepstakes scam » Scammer News

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla- — In a quiet Florida neighborhood, word of a sweepstakes winner has neighbors in a tizzy.

“There’s no question, it’s kind of bizarre,” said neighbor Bob Gregoire.

The neighborhood winner supposedly won her jackpot through Publisher’s Clearing House and was set to claim upwards of $10-million dollars, neighbors said

But that’s where the excitement ends. Turns out the woman who believes she’s a winner, really isn’t. In fact, residents in the predominately retired Citrus County community fear their 91-year-old neighbor is actually one of the latest victims of an age-old scam.

“She’s not mentally deficient, she’s just totally off the charts when it comes to this scam,” neighbor Patricia Maynard told us. Maynard has also tried to convince the woman she didn’t win.

It started a least one year ago. Maynard and Gregoire told us that’s when their neighbor, who lives by herself,…

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