November 17, 2021

Food Timeline serves up delicious opportunities at Virginia Tech | Local News

But until Dietz heard about it and worked with food historian Anna Zeide to bring it to Tech, the timeline’s future was anything but certain.

After Olver’s death in 2015 from a rare form of cancer, her widower, tried donating it to universities and cooking schools, but found little interest, Gordon Olver said.

The family kept the timeline alive, but in a dormant state. It had always more than a database, Gordon said. Lynne tracked its use closely and answered questions from users with a 24-hour turnaround time. Her collection of more than 2,000 food-related books also needed a home, and the family wanted them to go together, he said.

But the timeline languished until last year Dayna Evans of “Eater” wrote about its need for a custodian. That’s when Dietz heard it was available and conferred with others at Tech interested in making a proposal to bring it to the university…

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