November 14, 2021
Real Estate

Forbearance winds down and some evergreen advice

The contours of the coronavirus pandemic recovery remain the mystery that looms over just about everything in the real estate and mortgage markets these days. Here’s what you need to know about the latest news.

A man moves a box of documents stored on a shelf.

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A man moves a box of documents stored on a shelf.

1. Forbearance winds down

Millions of homeowners took advantage of forbearance protections under the CARES Act, but most of those borrowers saw that payment pause come to an end in the last few weeks. It’s unclear what happens now, and while experts have been saying a foreclosure wave is unlikely, uncertainty abounds over whether these loan holders will be able to resume payments.

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2. Another cash workaround for homebuyers

Although the real estate market is cooling down slightly, it’s still extremely competitive and cash buyers continue to have an edge. Some…

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