October 20, 2021

Forget the ‘she-cession’ — women will redefine the labour market

Employment updates

Are we moving towards the feminisation of work? And could this lead to a more balanced workplace and economy? I believe the answer to both of these questions is yes.

The idea seems antithetical in the face of the “she-cession,” in which women dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic at higher rates than men in order to buffer a sudden loss of childcare and shoulder the burdens of home-schooling.

But I think this is a coronavirus-related blip that will correct as schools reopen and life returns to some semblance of normal. Most women have to work, economically. In the US, it’s nearly impossible to support a family on the median income of $67,521 if they don’t. Many, of course, simply want to.

The bigger trend is that over the coming years, women will also…

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