October 20, 2021

Former NYPD Cops From LI Pleaded Guilty To Bribery Scam: US Attny

BROOKLYN, NY — Three former New York Police Department cops from Long Island have pleaded guilty to charges related to bribery scams they ran out of a Queens precinct, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

Robert Hassett, 36, of Farmingville, pleaded guilty in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday to conspiring to take part in a scheme to sell the personal information of automobile accident victims in exchange for bribes as part of what prosecutors label the “Victim Database Scheme.” He admitted being involved in a scheme “to steer vehicles damaged in automobile accidents to a tow truck company in contravention of the NYPD’s Direct Accident Response Program,” which is known as DARP, in exchange for bribes as part of a “Tow Truck Scheme,” prosecutors said.

Robert Smith, 44, of Plainview, pleaded guilty on Oct. 6 to accepting bribes “in connection with his participation in the Tow Truck…

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