July 31, 2021

Four Arrested in Japan for Allegedly Cheating $54M From Thousands of Investors: Report


Retired officer engages with scammers to show you their scheme

Scams and frauds are nothing new, but the internet has made it easier for criminals to reach out from anywhere in the world in an attempt to obtain your money or your personal data. And with social media becoming more widely used, the information that scammers need to trick innocent people is more readily available. In 2020, fraud attempts and financial losses climbed dramatically. Dave is a retired police officer who has had a lot of experience with scams and their victims. He has also spoken directly with hundreds of scammers in an attempt to understand what they do, why they do it, and how the public can avoid falling victim to the frauds. All scammers are after your money, or your personal data to get at your money, but their ploys and techniques are extremely varied. They are often imaginative and sophisticated enough to be convincing. They can work from…

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