October 19, 2021

Four ways to navigate investment challenges in a post-Covid world

Since Covid-19 turned the world upside down, it is unsurprising that many investors’ risk appetite and objectives have evolved.

Some investors may have dialled down their risk tolerance, while others aiming to meet short-term ambitions may have pushed out their horizons, thinking about the future a little more carefully.

Many will be seeking a solution that will serve them through all weathers. 

Navigating the current market backdrop has undoubtedly presented new challenges to investors.

While financial markets – and the companies and economies that underpin them – remain susceptible to Covid-19-related shocks and dramatic falls in investor sentiment, major structural shifts through the pandemic have also changed the way traditional correlations are playing out across portfolios. 

For example, with record levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus continuing to support large parts of…

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