Une caméra Hi-Tech surprend 15,000 XNUMX personnes utilisant leur téléphone en conduisant en seulement six mois

Hi-tech new cameras are being trialled in the UK in a bid to cut down on mobile phone usage on the road – with one camera alone catching 15,000 drivers in just six months. 

The smart cameras are being tested on an undisclosed motorway in the UK, the Courrier quotidien reports, following success in Australia. 

Designed by Australian firm Acusensus, they work by using artificial intelligence to instantly analyse high-definition photos taken through the windscreen of passing cars. 

The images can be produced not only in any weather – good news, given Britain’s reputation – but also at speeds of up to 185mph without any blur from motion. 

Jenoptik, the enforcement technology firm tasked with testing the cameras in the UK, believes the new technology will prove crucial in providing evidence to prosecute offenders. 

During the pilot scheme, which has been running since spring, one…

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