November 17, 2021

Fraud and identity theft schemes lead to 10 federal counts

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Columbus man pleaded guilty in federal court today to a range of federal crimes, including fraud conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, money laundering, false claims to United States citizenship and firearms violations.

Nana Yaw Addo, 56, a citizen of Ghana, admitted his guilt to 10 separate counts today. He admitted to stealing an individual’s identity in order to create a fraudulent business and accompanying bank account, laundering the proceeds of “man in the middle” email scams, organizing the theft of lines of credit at furniture stores, printing and encoding fake credit cards, and illegally purchasing and possessing a firearm, according to a press release from the Southern District of Ohio Acting Attorney.

In total, the intended loss from Addo’s fraud was between half a million and $1.5 million, the press release said.

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