November 14, 2021
General News

G-7 Gives World Three Biden Lessons—Here Are the Surprising Things We’ve Learned

With COVID corralled for now, the G-7 band got back together last week. In the past, whenever the heads of the free world’s seven leading economies gathered, they served up pretty much only nothing-burgers, smothered in bupkis, with a side of zilch. 

This, the first post-pandemic G-7 summit, delivered more of the same. However, this was also Joe Biden’s first trip abroad as president, and the meeting revealed some insights about Biden as a foreign policy leader. 

Lesson #1. The Grandpa Thing Works. Biden has the folksy, friendly Chauncey Gardener shtick down. The same moderate, reassuring presence that helped get him elected plays well on the world stage—and not just with the G-7 club. His international poll numbers are impressive. America’s global image abroad is on the rebound.

There is a question, however, as to how long the Uncle Biden act will play well on the…

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