June 17, 2021
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Today’s Politics News: Live Updates

Here’s what you need to know:Supporters of President Trump were met with teargas outside the Capitol on Jan. 6.Credit...Kenny Holston for The New York TimesTwo congressional committees on Tuesday dug into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters, bringing out new information about the security failures that helped lead to viole...
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Dickson Yeo had approached various people in Singapore, applied for government jobs to get info: ISD, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE - Dickson Yeo had approached various people in Singapore, relying heavily on social networking platforms to reach out to them and gather information at the behest of a foreign country, said the Internal Security Department (ISD). He had also attempted to find jobs in a range of positions in the Government, thinking that he could access ...
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Pakistan’s Geoeconomic Pivot And Future Of Pak-India-China Triangular Relationship – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Pakistan’s prioritization of geoeconomics over geopolitics has the potential to fundamentally alter the trajectory of Pak-India-China strategic triangle.  Recent statements from Pakistan’s civil and military leadership reveal how geopolitics seems to be giving way to geoeconomics as the strategic desideratum in the country’s foreign policy. For i...
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Biden says NATO must protect against ‘phony populism’

"We have to root out corruption that siphons off our strength, guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain as phony populism, invest in strengthening institutions that underpin and safeguard our cherished democratic values," he said, adding later: "That's how we'll prove that democracy and that our alliance can still ...
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Who will move to the center and win back Americans’ trust?

All polls and current anecdotal experience confirm that Americans are very disappointed in government and in politics generally. Since the Great Depression 90 years ago, political discontent has been near this level only at the worst of the Vietnam era (1966-1971), the depths of the Watergate crisis (1973-1974) and the frustrations of the l...