November 17, 2021
General News

Geopolitics and the uncertain future of Rohingyas

Meanwhile, the NUG shadow government has said if captures power, it will establish a federal system in Myanmar. They have pledged not only to grant citizenship to the Rohingyas chased away from Rakhine and in various camps, but also to bring back the Rohingyas in Bangladesh and grant them citizenship too. This NLD-controlled NUG shadow government has used the term ‘Rohingya’. It has called upon the Rohingyas to join in the anti-junta struggle. Arakan’s nationalist leaders are opposing this and are unhappy with NUG’s Rohingya plans. But the Arakan Army has said nothing against the plan as yet.

According to experts, NUG is using the Rohingyas as pawns to gain credibility and cooperation from the International arena. No government has given recognition to this shadow government and is unlikely to do so. A technical and government team of China recently called upon Myanmar’s…

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