November 15, 2021
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Geopolitics and Yukon mining – Yukon News

Yukoners have long been fortunate to live in a geopolitical backwater. The Yukon generally doesn’t make it into the President’s Daily Brief. If you run into a foreign correspondent with a sat-phone in Whitehorse, it’s because they’re going canoeing with friends on the Snake. Entering “Yukon” in the search box of Foreign Policy magazine’s website only gets you articles by Yukon Huang, one of their China specialists.

In the case of geopolitics, as the residents of Berlin or Afghanistan could tell you, boring is good.

But could we actually benefit from today’s rising tensions, as China’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy prompts democratic countries to look for strategically secure sources of raw materials? After the recent G7 summit, where leaders discussed a more unified China strategy, both the Biden Administration and European Commission president Ursula von…

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