January 25, 2021
General News

Georgia elects Warnock, Ossoff-Perdue undecided

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Democrat Raphael Warnock won one of Georgia’s two Senate runoffs Wednesday, becoming the first Black senator in his state’s history. The race between Republican Senator David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff remained too close to call. (Jan. 6)

Video Transcript

GABRIEL STERLING: We did get the big upload in from DeKalb County, which obviously changed the complexion of the situation in the vote counts right now. Overall, we look like we have about 27,600 or so advanced votes to come in. About 19,000 of them are going to be coming from DeKalb County. They’re having to have a couple of cards that they have to look at again.

And then about 7,000 need to come in from Coffee County. They have some scanning that they did this evening. I know it’s completed, they just haven’t uploaded it yet. And then a hodgepodge of probably some undervotes in the other locations. And there’s a potential where some of these elections could be within a half a point, so the second place finisher will have the opportunity to potentially ask for a recount again.

In the election itself, it was a very smooth election. You know, we had a couple of things here and there with Columbia County, with their issues the first thing in the morning. But in general it was a very smooth election. We didn’t have any issues.

The election night reporting has gone relatively smoothly. So we feel like the counties are kind of getting in the groove, despite the fact we know they’re all exhausted.