June 19, 2021
General News

Georgia Must Build the Moral Case for its European Future – Civil.ge

Author: Natalie Sabanadze is Cyrus Vance Visiting Professor in International Relations at Mount Holyoke College. She was the Head of Georgian Mission to the EU from 2013 to 2021.

Georgia needs to build an irrefutable moral case for membership in the EU. It should demonstrate to its partners that Georgia is a European democracy both structurally and culturally and that denying it a perspective is neither justified nor just. It may be naïve to claim that this would be a sufficient condition, but it is a precondition.   

There is a widespread belief among the Georgian public that the European Union is Georgia’s political destiny. It is the choice that Georgia has made against the odds of history and of geography, and for which it has shown readiness to pay the price. Now Georgia’s political leaders must convince the EU that the destiny is shared, and that benefits are…

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