November 17, 2021

GOP’s anti-tech efforts will give Democrats new power – Orange County Register

Republicans have been outdoing each other with their rhetorical attacks on big-tech companies out of frustration at the de-platforming of former President Trump and at social-media firms’ perceived bias against conservative voices. Now they find themselves in an odd place – like the proverbial dog that finally catches the moving car.

A package of anti-tech-company legislation is moving out of a key committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, as various news reports have explained. The bills are frighteningly far reaching, and conflict with Republicans’ opposition to expanding the federal government’s reach into private business.

One measure would mandate the break-up of Amazon, Facebook and other tech companies, while another would forbid policies that provide advantages to platforms’ own products. That means that Apple couldn’t “self-preference” its own products…

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