November 17, 2021

Governor Abbott vowed to build a wall with Mexico.Texas Borderland Owner Says Not In My Backyard – NBC Chicago

Nayda Alvarez’s family has lived on land on the Texas-Mexico border for at least five generations, and her home is just 200 feet from the Rio Grande River.

Not only did she not need a border wall near her house in Starr County, she said, if it had been built, it would be just a few feet from the back of her house.A high school teacher fought the Trump administration in court when Texas Governor Greg Abbott moved forward with him in an attempt to build her fortune. Announced plan Alvarez will also fight him in an attempt to accomplish what President Donald Trump did not.

“He wants to run for president, so he’s really trying to make his portfolio look good,” Alvarez speculated.

With most of Texas’ borders privately owned and some federally owned, Abbott may face logistics challenges. Therefore, the Biden administration needs to approve the barriers built on the federal land.

Republican Governor said Wednesday With $ 250…

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