November 17, 2021

Green water bottles created by new recycling technology

Nestlé has unveiled prototypes for its Perrier water bottles based on a new recycling technology. The bottles were manufactured as part of the Carbios global consortium.

The Carbios recycling technology uses enzymes from naturally occurring microorganisms to break down PET plastic into its constituent parts, which can then be converted back into new, virgin-grade-like plastic. The process is said to be unique because it enables the production of recycled PET from any type of PET plastic, regardless of colour or complexity.

Using the technology, Nestlé researchers in France produced their first Perrier 500 mL prototype bottles made from coloured recycled PET materials. The company said the prototypes were tested in terms of safety, quality and performance. They were also specially adapted to withstand the pressure of carbonated water, while also incorporating the green coloured…

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