June 23, 2021

Grocery shopping with food allergies can be easier with Sifter

There are 85 million Americans who avoid some type of food ingredient. Whether it’s because of allergies, food intolerance or avoiding an ingredient because of health reasons, it’s difficult to find safe foods while grocery shopping.

That’s why so many people with allergies eat the same foods all the time. They fear what might happen if they choose incorrectly. Even a small amount of the wrong food may trigger a reaction.

But the good news is technology has made searching for specialty foods easier, and there are so many good resources to help families manage their lives and day-to-day activities with less worry.

Judy Seybold, chief nutrition officer for Sifter, joined ABC 7 Chicago Saturday with tips.

Allergyhome.org is an educational resource with a selection of tools and forms for parents, teachers or anyone socializing with or responsible for those with allergies.

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