November 17, 2021

Guest Column: Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Naomi Miller in Dubai’s Old City.

Thanks to the Abraham Accords, Israel and the UAE are off to an exciting partnership with tremendous potential for friendship and cooperation.

Last this month, the newly appointed Emirati Ambassador to Israel, Mohamed al Khaja, met with leaders in Israel to create a task force aiming to collaborate on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and driving economic growth between Israel and the UAE. The Emirati ambassador said there is “an avenue of opportunities between the UAE and Israel just waiting to be harnessed.” 

Like most fellow Israelis, I, too, am celebrating the newly found normalization with the UAE and Bahrain because of the Abraham Accords. Recently, I had the great fortune to spend five days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, feeling very welcomed by our new friends and awed by my immersion in the cultural and…

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